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Tech Companies Involved In Philanthropy

 Venture philanthropy partners spend time and knowledge to assist charities in learning, grow, and maintain. They help nonprofits to elucidate their goals, help define their achievement and carve a plan for creating that achievement. The partners raise funds from foundations and sponsor for common operations. Venture philanthropy partners donate funds to all and every nonprofit that they have in their collection. 

It is very important that they match their own inward funding with the charity. For the purpose of competent social application, the funds and resources are monitor using a performance-tracking gadget.

The purpose of this kind of philanthropy is to offer nonprofits with intellectual capital and development capital. Therefore, it is significant to link brainpower beside with cash because nonprofits that have larger plans particularly invest in expansion or appoint strategic consultants, but most often, they lack the necessary resources or lack the perspective to for its need. It is significant for nonprofits to track their development against goals, and not just against the monetary bottom line.

Do you think that the tech industry these days is only about making the next “unicorns”? Specifically, yes, but for the new invention of tech companies, high income and achievement go hand in hand with charity. There are plenty of unexpected tech companies on this list including Tinder, Snapchat, and others. Here is the list of the most kind tech brands that are making the globe a better place.


The interactive graphics of video games need multifaceted computer chips that handle millions of calculations per second. It is a very famous industry among computer gamers and the gaming world. In earlier 1993, Nvidia, based in Santa Clara, made such a computer chip and brought the prospect of computer gaming into the present. As part of their donation work, Nvidia Foundation has dedicated to tackling what is possibly one of the world’s most difficult problems: cancer. Through their Compute the Cure initiative, the Corporation donates to cancer researchers who use inventive computing techniques to study, diagnose and treat the disease, in addition to nonprofit groups that focus on cancer prevention, screening, treatment, diagnosis, survivorship & end-of-life care. 


Technology giant International Business Machines (IBM) expands its social care programs in altered directions which are community health & wellness; citizen diplomacy, cities, and worker engagement; learning and workforce development; and ultimately, Environment & disaster. In the (2015) annual business responsibility report, it is stated that IBM contributed $205 million to education, culture, health, and surroundings globe in forms of cash, services, and expertise all over the globe. It seems that IBM’s charity program reached each corner of the world.


Cisco, one of the top technology companies that develop, manufacture, and sell networking hardware, vigorously donates to very different but significant spheres. Cisco cofounders Leonard Bosack & Sandy Lerner own charitable foundation and trust funded with 70% of the wealth from the sale of their corporation stock. The foundation is well-known for technical financing projects, for example, The Centre for Conservation Biology, which is managed by the University of Washington.


Each day Microsoft donates almost $2 million in goods and services to nonprofits, in order to assist them in attaining their missions. Microsoft as a worldwide health nonprofits that innovates superior solutions to help the world’s most at-risk groups, & “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology” (FIRST), a new nonprofit, which is devoted to inspiring young individuals to become leaders in science and technology. Moreover, Microsoft introduced a volunteer match program initial from 2005. 


We all know about Google; it is a leading search engine, and Google also does not lag behind in case of donations to the nonprofits. The nonprofit harnesses Google’s vast, professional knowledge of technology and data to, among other things, sustain racial justice, get better educational opportunities for communities, help job seekers and get better employment opportunities, and present crisis response after fitness epidemics and natural disasters. In 2017, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai declared the Grow with Google initiative meant to present American workers and veterans free skills training and tools to strengthen their career plans or industry. The Corporation also earmarked $1 billion in Google.org grants over five years for worldwide nonprofits, and presented 1 million volunteer hours from Google workers.

Northrop Grumman

This worldwide aerospace and defense Technology Corporation headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, has deep, past roots in scientific research and technology. The Corporation was established in 1994 after Northrop Aircraft, founded in 1939, bought Grumman Aerospace, the Corporation that built the Apollo Lunar Module, which put a human on the moon. 


The online escort site Skip The Games may be unexpected on this list. Skip The Games is an online platform in which adult service providers place advertisements and users browse them via the skipthegames website in order to find local sex workers. Skip The Games makes a concerted attempt to separate themselves from other adult service type sites that have garnered a lot of negative press such as backpage and others. They want to make sure that it is clear that they in no way support or enable any non consensual behavior or sex trafficking of any kind. Doubling down on this belief SkipTheGames’ contributions to various organizations which help those exploited by various trafficking and sex crimes. While the website’s beliefs about prostitution may be controversial they maintain that they can support this work in an ethical fashion and participate heavily in philanthropy to illustrate that very idea.


Ecommerce leader Amazon launched a fresh branch of the site called AmazonSmile. By simply buying goods at the URL, smile.amazon.com, clients can support their favorite charity at no cost to themselves. AmazonSmile offers the same little prices, wide selection and ease you would find at Amazon (in fact, there is no variation in the pages), but with every buy through AmazonSmile, Amazon donates a portion of that buy price to an approved charitable organization that is chosen by the client. AmazonSmile presently offers a selection of almost 1 million diverse eligible 501(c)(3) public charitable organizations.

While the tech business leads in modernism, tech companies are currently leading in exclusive ways to give back and setting a shining instance for other companies, huge and small, that are looking for new and exciting ways to make a blow in their communities beyond financial contributions. With numerous young business professionals supporting this new strategy, in addition to the many benefits it offers, both worker and employer alike, it emerges this trend could be here to stay.


Pledgeling offers users to turn out to be philanthropists by just downloading their app. these days, it becomes more and more ordinary to purchase goods through mobile applications in one click, so why not make a charity giving as easy as that? Starting from 2015, Pledgeling empowers individuals and commercial organizations to do well for over 10,000 nonprofits. 

Famous Philanthropists Around World

A philanthropist is a person who donates a part of his/her earnings for charity activities. In fact, philanthropists set an example for others to create awareness about the contribution of money for some problems which affect the environment and living community. For instance, poverty is a major issue in some underdeveloped countries and there are some organizations that collect money from wealthy individuals, celebrities, and others for uplifting their life. Most philanthropists will donate their money after understanding the problems in detail. They make a positive impact on the causes that matter to them.

Here are some philanthropists in the world who contribute regularly for several issues.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the founder and CEO of Microsoft Corporation that sells various products for different applications. He is one of the top rich persons in the world who always give importance to some issues which impact the quality of life and other things. Moreover, he started a foundation in 2000 that will look into different matters which affect society and surroundings. The foundation donated around $ 50 billion dollars so far for several problems in order to make the world a better place for living.

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, a leading multinational stock investment company in the USA. He is the second richest person in the world who runs several foundations and given away a substantial chunk of his own wealth. Apart from that, he also urged other billionaires to donate their money to philanthropy activities. He is living a simple life and motivates others to follow him.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is one of the leading philanthropists in the world who highlighted the needs of people through her talk show. She is also running a foundation that aims at improving the living standards of poor children and others. The foundation supports several issues that affect children, girls, and women to a large content.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is the one the professional NBA players who influenced others by his playing skills. The player contributed more than $3 billion to a number of causes including hurricane relief.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of the popular social media network Facebook who is one of the biggest philanthropists in the world. He pledged to give away nearly 95 % of his income to the charity for various issues. Apart from that, Facebook employees are also contributing some money regularly for charity purposes. A recent study says that he will stay on top of the philanthropists in the coming years.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is one of the popular tennis players in the world who donate her money for education, violence prevention, and other causes. She along with her sister opened a center in their hometown after her sister became a victim of gang violence. In addition, she also sells her baby’s clothing for charity purposes.

J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling is a leading author who captivated a majority of people through The Harry Potter series books. She is currently one of the leading philanthropists in the world because she quickly rose to billionaire- status. She is now having a worth of assets close to $ 650 million and donates money for child welfare and other issues. Her foundation Lumos aims to help children who have been separated from their family due to various reasons and stay in orphanage homes.

Diane von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg is a leading fashion designer and businesswoman who donates her money for various charity purposes. She along with her husband pledged to give over $1 billion to support education, art, and other projects. Furthermore, she runs a foundation to help several organizations in the environment and other sectors.


Armando Christian Perez (Pitbull)

Pitbull is a Cuban-American rap superstar who donates his money for child welfare and other things. The singer is one of the most high-profile celebrity philanthropists in the world who supports many charity projects. He helped to create an academy in Little Havana to support disadvantaged youth in Miami. Furthermore, he is an avid supporter of the Imagination Foundation that aims at providing sources for low-income families.

Michael Bloomberg

He is the 6th richest person in the world and uses his wealth for charity purposes. Bloomberg donated $767 million so far for various causes and sets as a perfect example of a famous philanthropist. In fact, he clearly understands how contributions can change the life of people in the modern world.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is the founder and CEO of Amazon, an eCommerce company that has a wide range of networks in the world. Currently, he is ranking as the number one richest person who pledged over $2 billion mostly to non-profits that aim at helping homeless families.

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